Hinckley Yacht Services may be the most dishonest boat yard in the USA. If you doubt the honesty of your workmen get a second opinion.  We got four from the best in the business.  It probably saved our lives.

35 years of service records from the same owner, and the same boatyard and professional opinions from some of the best in marine business,  suggest a problem at Hinckley Yachts.

If you are making things up while sitting at your desk and too lazy to read the marine survey, you can get caught looking foolish by contradicting known facts, which appears to be the case here.  Given a formal list of problems, Hinckley Yacht Service failed to develop a plan, set a direction and establishes priorities. 

Example 1: The Galley: Fixing what is not broken.

General Manager Daniel Vullemier / Hinckley Yacht Service advised the entire galley of a Hinckley Bermuda 40 needed to be replaced because it was “rotten” when the only thing rotten was his ethics.

An independent specialist flown in from a famous New England boatyard, found no wood rot.

How can a boat maker renowned for woodwork not recognize normal wood.  Is Hinckley Yacht Service hoping we will not recognize Dan Vuillemier’s dishonesty ?

Example 2: Engine: fraud.

Writing a fictional narrative to support deceit becomes a problem when confronted with 35 years of service records from the same owner and the same boatyard, which Hinckley had no interest in.  The boat had three routine service visits including winterization in 2019, prior to its sale in 2020. Over $ 38, 456 of work during 2018-9, replicated decades of love for this boat. 
The engine is clearly listed as the # 1 Priority; safety of the crew is of paramount importance.
Against best industry practices, avoiding scientific analysis and without bothering to fully exam the 1995 Westerbeke engine, Hinckley Yacht Services suggested the engine needed  $36, 212 in repairs. 

The result is predetermined because it is all about the money billed, not the tests.  Unfortunately, the honest statements to independent marine surveyor, can be both embarrassing and legally problematical for Hinckley Yacht Service, General Manager Dan Vullemier and Carl.  

It is not legal for Hinckley Yacht Service to bill for fake tests they only pretended to have done. 


This is one of many cases where documentation by independent inspectors suggests General Manager Daniel Vullemier and Hinckley Yacht service are dishonest.
The engine hoses may be new, but it is more profitable to lie:
Engine hoses: “The molded hoses … appeared to be new …. The sea strainer and the raw water intake hose were also nearly new and free from signs of past leaks.”
Survey: 7/24/2020Marblehead, MA
General Manager Daniel Vullemier “Hoses dryed out and leaking at clamps.”  
Engine ran or did not run
General Manager Dan Vullemier,
“We put her in the water to see if the engine would run. It ran for a few seconds, we shut it down and hauled her back out.” Told to two different people.
What he wrote on invoice “Boat was splashed to establish condition of engine.
UPDATE – Engine will not start,…”
This is why you hire independent experts.  In writing we formally requested a qualified Westerbeke mechanic; we wanted someone trained and certified by Westerbeke. 
Focusing on short-term results, and profits and not investing in new markets, equipment, tools, in their people, and new talent – this is how you lose the critical elements for future success.

How can Hinckley hope to compete against  honest craftsman and superior technologies ?