Ownership history of Hinckley/The Talaria Company, LLC:

Decline of a legend

1st        1928 – Founded by Benjamin Hinckley

2nd       1932 – Taken over by son, Henry R. Hinckley

3rd        1979 – Sold by Henry R. Hinckley to Richard Tucker and run by William Moyer

4th        1982 – Henry R. Hinckley’s son, Bob Hinckley, bought company back with help from his business partner, Shepard McKenney

5th        1997 – Sold by Hinckley/McKenney to The Bain, Willard Companies – William Bain, Ralph Willard, and Alexander Spaulding

6th        1999 – The Talaria Company, LLC was founded.

7th        2000 – Fictitious name Hinckley Yacht Services was filed.

8th        2001 – 51% controlling interest sold to Monitor Clipper Partners – Mark T. Thomas and William Young, both of Luxembourg – James P. McManus appointed CEO (now deceased)

9th        2005 – Company sold to Scout Partners, LLC – David Howe and Pete Peterson – Gerard DiSchino appointed CEO – David Howe is currently CEO of Scout Partners and Chair of Hinckley Yacht Services; Pete Peterson is deceased

  • 2008 – Subsidiaries Alden Yachts, Inc. and Winter Yacht Basin, Inc. both dissolved (no info on when they were acquired)
  • 2013 – Scout Partners, LLC acquired Hunt Yachts
  • 2016 – Scout Partners/Hinckley acquired Morris Yachts, LLC
  • 2022 – Current LLC members are David Howe, Brooks Gordon, and Jerry Lundquist (“The Talaria Company LLC”).


Current executive team for Talaria/Hinckley is:

  • Geoffrey Berger, CEO.
  • Michael Arieta, President.
  • Linda Cavanaugh, Chief Financial Officer.
  • Pete Saladino, Chief Marketing Officer.


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