The Decline of




Critical safety issues ignored or caused by Hinckley Yacht Services can kill you.

Hinckley formerly a manufacturer and craftsman of luxury sail and powerboats, is a poor imitation of the once famous brand.  

Founded in 1928, and sold by Henry Hinckley in 1979, then resold in 1979, 1982, 1997, and 2001.  

The current version is Hinckley Yacht Services which is a terrible boat company. Controlling interest in handled by a company who “does not focus on any particular sector but current portfolio companies suggest an interest in business services, natural/organic foods, specialty retail, health care services, gaming, logistics, mortgage technology, marketing services, financial services and metals.”  The failure to mention boats you should cause grave concerns !  

Hinckley Yacht Services defective repair had 53 critical and important safety items, that posed a direct risk of fire, explosion, electrocution, injury, or loss of life, loss of boat.

The craftsman have fled for stabile companies.  Private equity is about about the money.  Your money in particular. Emphasis on quality, left the building six sales ago.

You deserve better than Hinckley.  This is an honest announcement based on my own experience and multiple professional evaluations and reviews.

Hinckley Yacht Service is a company best avoided.  The ability to create a plan for the boat that made the company famous, nonexistent. Instead of security, Hinckley Yacht Services offered 53 new ways to die.   

Hinckley Yachts Service: A plague for classic yachts

3 big things Hinckley Yacht Services is not.

  1.   A facility with the right trades and good understanding of both classic yachts and of yacht racing in the 21st century
  2. A team that has passion for restoration of classic yachts that is on par with that of the owner
  3. Project management dedicated to and capable of making decisions across the entire breath of the refit that are thoughtful, consistent and compatible with achieving a satisfactory result on a reasonable schedule and

How to destroy a Hinckley Bermuda 40 ? : Hinckley Yacht Services

 The Bermuda 40 was Hinckley’s first fiberglass boat. “According to Jack Horner of “the B-40 was to become the bellwether for future production and established Hinckley as the premier North American Yacht builder of exceptional quality sailing yachts”.  Hinckley manufactured 203 Bermuda 40’s over forty years. 

How the mighty have fallen. Our boat’s nickname is “The Hinckley death ship”.  Independent analysis of Hinckley Yacht Services repairs exposed 53 critical and important safety items, that posed a direct risk of fire, explosion, electrocution, injury, or loss of life, loss of boat.  

Overall incompetence of the repair work done

70 safety issues on one boat ! The boat that had 40 year production run and they cannot figure out how to correct what’s wrong.  Hinckley Yacht Services are terrifyingly incompetent; the boat is a deathtrap. Independent experts have counted 70 problems on one boat and all of them ignored or caused by Hinckley Yacht Services.  


Critical safety items, that pose a direct risk of fire, explosion, electrocution, injury, or loss of life.


Important safety issues that may compromise safe operation, the vessel may lose power, lose control or flood as a result of this problem.


 Not immediately serious, that may lead to substantial failures and/or repair costs in the future.



53 ways to die on Hinckley boat

After a restoration by Hinckley Yachts, we expected a boat ready for ocean passage. However, inspections found 53 critical and important safety issues on our 1963 Bermuda 40 that was were life and/or boat threatening.  Rotten rope holding a hot exhaust, dangerous  explosive propane system with basic safety faults, and a general lack of professionalism when it comes to craftsmanship.

When restoring a classic yacht  the best way to ensure a safe and seaworthy is to have them professionally restored. Hinckley Yachts is incapable of fixing it’s most popular sailboat. The Hinckley of today is a poor impersonation of the one famous boat maker.

Dangerous engine

The engine is dangerous to use, because of a high risk of fire, explosion or electrocution. No one from Hinckley Yachts did a compression test, because in their words no one asked them to do it.

Explosive propane system

Hinckley Yachts placed a propane system in the boat. Propane is known to be extremely explosive. This solution is not safe at all.

Rotten wood in the kitchen

During the restoration the professionals
form Hinckley Yachts used rotten rope to
hold a hot exhaust pipe.


We needed to replace the steps into the boat because they were said not to be level. The whole boat is a fraud.

and more...

Stop risking your life on a boat

Hinckley Yachts are the most dangerous boats I have ever experienced. The company does not care about the safety of their customers. 70 safety issues on one boat, and there is no one to help in the middle of the ocean.
If you don’t want to experience what unsinkable Molly Brown did, don’t buy this boat!

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Safe your money with buying a better boat

Make your boating experience safer and less costly. When buying a boat or a yacht from Hinckley Yachts be aware that you might pay a lot of money on top!

Many of the repairs need to be done for your own safety. In case you are thinking about buying a boat or a yacht from Hinckley Yachts, you rather count with a large quantity of disassembly being done on the boat’s interior, resulting in a large pile of fittings, cabinetry, running rigging, standing rigging, plumbing, and other bits strewn across the ground. As well as a variety of jobs being performed on the boat, including propulsion, energy storage, charging, instrumentation, domestic, galley, and head.

Get a boat that works!

My advice to you is. Don’t buy anything from Hinckley Yachts. I did and I paid for it.
Go for a boat that works!