Hinckley Yacht Services

After 8 failures*, the 9th re-invention of Hinckley owned by:
Jerry Lundquist (McKinsey & Co), Brooks Gordon (W. P. Carey), David Howe (Scout Partners LLC)
may be the worst Hinckley yet.

Critical safety issues ignored or created by Hinckley Yacht Services can kill you

Hinckley Sou’wester 53, Hinckley Runabout, Silentjet, Hinckley Bermuda 50, The Hinckley Way, Hinckley Bermuda 40, Ship wreckHinckley Yacht Services, once a renowned manufacturer and craftsman of luxury sail and powerboats, has now become a pale shadow of its former self.

Founded in 1928 by Henry Hinckley, the brand has been passed through multiple hands in the years since [sold in 1979, then resold again and again in 1982, 1997,  2001 and 2011.] but with each change in ownership, the quality of their work seems to have diminished. 

The Hinckley name, once synonymous with excellence, is now nothing more than a distant memory.

Sadly, the company’s current poor workmanship not only diminishes the brand but also poses a significant danger, with increased risks of fire, explosion, electrocution, injury, and loss of life. The very viability of the company is at stake.

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This is the 9th version of this company; Glassdoor.com reviews suggest the craftsman have fled where quality is valued and jobs are more secure. “No clear plan for technician improvement/progression. High turnover. Lower than average pay for skilled technicians.”

Hinckley Yacht Services offer ways to die that were preventable. You deserve better. 

This announcement is a truthful reflection of the Hinckley scandals, informed by professional marine surveys, thorough analysis, and personal experiences with a group of highly incompetent and conceited individuals.

Scroll below and see why selecting Hinckley Yacht Services owned by Jerry Lundquist (McKinsey & Co), Brooks Gordon (W. P. Carey), David Howe (Scout Partners LLC) could be a fatal decision.

Portsmouth, Rhode Island: Two large Hinckley boats go up in flames

The Portsmouth Fire Department confirmed that they had to battle a large blaze that started at Hinckley Yachts located in a Portsmouth marina in December 2021. A large boat caught fire, sending up a huge plume of black smoke that could be seen from miles away.

Multiple OSHA violations could suggest a company cutting corners.

Not taking precautions with flammable vapors present, an excess of combustible materials and did not provide a comprehensive and understandable respiratory protection training.  Training was lacking for the care of hazardous chemicals, WPRI 12 reported. 

A fire broke out at Hinckley Yachts in Portsmount, Rode Island, on Friday morning. Credit: WPRI, William Reed

Massive boat fire at Hinckley Yachts in Portsmouth, Rode Island. Credit: Middletown Firefighters

Stamford Harbor: Three boats catch fire

A boat fire at the gas dock at Hinckley boat yard, 2 Selleck St., was reported in October 2020. The boat’s fuel tank ruptured, starting a floating fuel fire near the southern section of the dock at Harbor Point. 

Fire officials say a boat that caught on fire at the Hinckley Boat Yard in Stamford spread to a dock, three more boats and a Tiki bar Saturday.

Flames consuming boats, a tiki bar and a dock in Stamford Saturday afternoon. Credit: Peter Adler

Stamford Harbor: brand new Hinckley Talaria 34. Fire destroys $600,000 yacht

The brand new Hinckley Talaria 34 was in the middle of three days of sea trials when it was destroyed in a fire… now under investigation.

Sam Chisholm, chief of the Southwest Harbor Fire Department, told the news provider that the marina fire was so ferocious that all his men could do was contain it, despite using 4,000 gallons of water and foam during their 90 minutes on the scene.

“We never really knocked it down. We contained it. [The boat] was gone before we got there. Fiberglass just doesn’t go out, especially when there’s fuel involved,” he said.

Firefighters work to extinguish a blaze in a boat tied up at Dysart’s Marina in Southwest Harbor Monday evening. Credit: Mark Good

Crews raised the Hinckley picnic boat on Tuesday. Credit: Edna Martin

Protests tarnish Hinckley boat show June 11, 2022, in St. Michael's, Maryland. Hinckley Yacht services employees forced to defend declining reputation

Public protests. The soul of Henry R. Hinckley sleeps uneasily these times, as poor quality tarnishes his once sterling reputation. 

Hinckley Yacht Service employees were forced to defend poor workmanship at the Hinckley Boat Show in St. Michael’s, Maryland.

Prospective Hinckley owners were treated to protest signs.

Water Bottle Protest

United States Boat Show Protests 2022: Annapolis, Maryland

9 Days of Protest

United States Boat Shows in Annapolis

  • Annapolis Powerboat shows October 6-9th, 2022
  • Annapolis Sailboat October 13-17th, 2022


16.9 ounce limited edition Hinckley bottles were ordered in 6 original designs, to raise awareness about the decline of Hinckley Yacht Services. 

The same employees  who worked on the Bermuda 40 also work on the Hinckley Talaria.  Our Bermuda 40 puts lives at risk. Is your Talaria safe ? 

Hinckley (Jerry Lundquist (McKinsey & Co), Brooks Gordon (W. P. Carey), David Howe (Scout Partners LLC) cannot hide the truth.  Our voice is powerful!

Allison talking about declining Hinckley quality

Why Hinckley Yacht Service is a cancer for classic boat owners ?

  • “Does not have a facility with the right trades and good understanding of both classic yachts and of yacht racing in the 21st century
  • Does not have a team that has passion for restoration of classic yachts that is on par with that of the owner
  • Does not have project management dedicated to and capable of making decisions across the entire breath of the refit that are thoughtful, consistent and compatible with achieving a satisfactory result on a reasonable schedule and budget.”

Pressure Drop Refit Review.  Conducted at Hinckley Yacht facility in Easton, Maryland on 15-December-2021.

Hinckley Yacht Services: A failure of trust and skill

The craftsman’s have left.  Focused on accounting, the quality of work is life threatening.  Project management is incapable of making decisions. Their approach is inconsistent, neglected, and incompatible with achieving a satisfactory result on a reasonable schedule and budget.

“Preventing problems is easier than coping with a 0300 AM catastrophe “.  “It’s much easier to discover and remedy problems in the boatyard than while at sea.  Before every voyage is another chance to prevent potential trouble…Things can go from an easy to fix scenario to an abandon ship crisis in surprisingly short period time.

An independent analysis of work done by Hinckely Easton , “Some work has been done across most departments: propulsion, energy storage, charging, instrumentation, domestic, galley and head. However, this work appears to have been done without a plan … The work that has been performed is not to a standard that’s compatible with performance sailing”

Get a marine surveyor involved early in classic yacht restorations and keep them involved.

Hinckley Yacht Services may not be the most trustworthy boatyard in the USA. It’s always wise to get a second opinion when you have doubts about the honesty of the workmen. We did just that and sought out opinions from some of the most reputable professionals in the marine industry. It was a smart move on our part and it likely saved our lives.

With 35 years of service records from the same owner and the same boatyard, as well as professional opinions from experts in the marine business, it’s clear that there may be issues at Hinckley Yachts.

It’s important to do your research and not make assumptions, especially when it comes to something as important as your boat. In this case, Hinckley Yacht Services failed to take the necessary steps to address the problems presented to them, including developing a plan, setting a direction and establishing priorities.”

“The Galley: Fixing what isn’t broken”

During the pre-purchase survey, it was noted that the woodwork in the galley “showed its age,” indicating normal wear and tear for a frequently used boat. However, no wood rot was detected.

Despite this, the General Manager of Hinckley Yacht Service, Daniel Vullemier, insisted that the entire galley of a Hinckley Bermuda 40 needed to be replaced, claiming it was “rotten.” This was not the case, and it seems that the manager’s intentions were driven by greed rather than a genuine concern for the boat’s condition.

An second independent specialist flown in from a famous New England boatyard, found no wood rot.

“It seems strange that a boat builder who is known for their expertise in woodworking would not be able to recognize regular wood, unless they were being dishonest or lacked the necessary skills and knowledge.”

Example 2: Engine: fraud.

Writing a fictional narrative to support deception can be challenging when faced with 35 years of service records from the same owner and boatyard. The boat had undergone routine maintenance, including winterization in 2019, before its sale in 2020. Over $38,456 of work during 2018-2019, demonstrating love for this vessel.
The repair records from 2019 clearly show that the engine was in good condition when it was winterized that fall. However, the claim that the engine “has not been run in years” is false, as the manager was informed of this with the presentation of decades of service records from Marblehead. It is likely that a compression test was not performed, as we have documented statements to this effect.
The engine is clearly listed as the # 1 Priority; safety of the crew is of paramount importance.
Against best industry practices, avoiding scientific analysis and without bothering to fully exam the 1995 Westerbeke engine, Hinckley Yacht Services suggested the engine needed  $36, 212 in repairs. 

Incentive-based compensation, such as commission or bonuses, can create an environment in which individuals are motivated to engage in fraudulent behavior in order to meet performance targets and earn higher payouts. This is because the incentives are often tied to specific financial or performance metrics, such as sales or profit margins, which can be easily manipulated or falsified. Additionally, individuals who are highly motivated to earn these incentives may be more likely to overlook ethical considerations or disregard company policies in order to achieve their goals. Additionally, such incentives can also lead to conflicts of interest among employees and create a high-pressure environment which can lead to fraud. Hinckley Yacht Service refuses to discuss their compensation model.  

It is not legal for Hinckley Yacht Service to bill for fake tests they only pretended to have done. 


This is one of many cases where documentation by independent inspectors suggests General Manager Daniel Vullemier and Hinckley Yacht service are dishonest.

The Engine Hoses May Be New With No Evidence Of Leaks, But It Is More Profitable To Lie

Engine hoses: “The molded hoses … appeared to be new …. The sea strainer and the raw water intake hose were also nearly new and free from signs of past leaks.”
Survey: 7/24/2020Marblehead, MA
General Manager Daniel Vullemier “Hoses dryed out and leaking at clamps.”  
Engine ran or did not run
General Manager Dan Vullemier,
“We put her in the water to see if the engine would run. It ran for a few seconds, we shut it down and hauled her back out.” Told to two different people.
What he wrote on invoice “Boat was splashed to establish condition of engine.
UPDATE – Engine will not start,…”
This is why you hire independent experts.  In writing we formally requested a qualified Westerbeke mechanic; we wanted someone trained and certified by Westerbeke. 
Focusing on short-term results, and profits and not investing in new markets, equipment, tools, in their people, and new talent – this is how you lose the critical elements for future success.

How can Hinckley hope to compete against  honest craftsman and superior technologies ?

Hinckley Yacht Services: Incompetence of repair work

70 critically important safety issues involving failures on one boat !!!!!

Hinckley Yacht Services is unable to prepare, the boat that made them famous, a Hinckley Bermuda 40 for ocean racing.

Independent experts counted over 70 problems that Hinckley Yacht Service caused or ignored.


Critical safety items, that pose a direct risk of fire, explosion, electrocution, injury, or loss of life.


Important safety issues that may compromise safe operation, the vessel may lose power, lose control or flood as a result of this problem.


Not immediately serious, that may lead to substantial failures and/or repair costs in the future.

If there is no plan ? How are decisions being made ?

Ignored written requests for correction

Hinckley Yacht Services, Jerry Lundquist (McKinsey & Co), Brooks Gordon (W. P. Carey), David Howe (Scout Partners LLC) tarnish a legend.
"The Hinckley Death Ship"

The Bermuda 40 was Hinckley’s first fiberglass boat. “According to Jack Horner of spinsheet.com “the B-40 was to become the bellwether for future production and established Hinckley as the premier North American Yacht builder of exceptional quality sailing yachts”. Hinckley manufactured 203 Bermuda 40’s over forty years.

How the mighty have fallen. The boat’s nickname is “The Hinckley death ship”. Independent analysis of Hinckley Yacht Services repairs exposed 53 critical and important safety items, that posed a direct risk of fire, explosion, electrocution, injury, or loss of life, loss of boat.

Engine: Fraudulent examination followed by incompetent repairs

 3 decades of love by a single owner summed up the B40’s recent history. Maintained by the same yard and supported with decades of records, which Hinckley had no interest in. The boat had an active season prior to it’s sale.

Against best industry practices, avoiding scientific analysis and without bothering to fully exam the engine. Hinckley Yacht services billed for engine compression tests, they just did not perform them, nor did they send out oil for analysis.

Based on pretty much nothing except greed, Hinckley Yacht Services suggested the engine needed $ 36, 212 in repairs.

A scoop hull strainer is installed on the main engine intake. This will drive water into the engine’s exhaust system, and potentially into the engine while under sail. Stainless steel fasteners have been used for this and the round strainer on the Starboard side, these will crevice corrode
Motor mounts are over-extended. This could lead to their failure. "Motor mounts absorbs vibration and torque...Commonly, the cause of motor failure is related to installation". Hinckley Yacht Services does not understand engines.
• Vented loop, Starboard forward sail locker, outboard, this will not be far enough above the waterline to operate properly when heeling to stbd. Ideally, this should be on the centerline.
"Jacketed exhaust riser is leaking at the aft end. The exhaust system in the lazarette, is secured using a Spanish windlass. This is a jury rig and unreliable, it is placing stress on the system. "

Exhaust System:Burn/Fire Hazard.

Neglecting the vitals of the boat to bill on the easy and expensive.  

Independent surveyor:  “The exhaust system is rigidly attached to the engine, while the engine is flexibly mounted. The non-jacketed interface at the exhaust manifold lacks insulation, this is a burn/fire hazard. The exhaust system is jacketed, should the inner jacket leak, seawater will infiltrate the engine’s cylinders. ” 

This system should have been “modernized using a dry riser and water lift muffler”. 

In the lazarette, hose clamps used for the exhaust system are corroded, hose used is not rated for exhaust raw water use
• In the lazarette, hose clamps used for the exhaust system are corroded, hose used is not rated for exhaust raw water use
• Insufficient S bend will cause engine to flood requiring emergency repairs.

Waiting for the masts to fall in the ocean: Just how bad is Hinckley Yacht Service ?

Most catastrophic failures in sailing can be prevented through proper maintenance and inspection. A well-maintained sailboat should not experience a broken mast, except in extreme weather conditions or when rigging is found to be defective. Sailing can be a safe and enjoyable activity when proper precautions are taken.

The yacht’s chainplates are ferrous steel and rusting; these are known to be a weak point of the Hinckley Bermuda 40s of this era. Hinckley Yacht Services ignored specific written requests to address this issue.  Chain plate below deck armature should have been removed, cleaned, dye checked and inspected. 

Rigging is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

This boat was forced to withdraw from the Annapolis Bermuda race due to the suspect quality of Hinckley Yacht Services work.  

It is important to always ensure that all equipment is in proper working condition before participating in any race, otherwise you are putting myself and others at risk of injury or death.

Ignoring rust on the chainplates and bolts can suggest deck leaks, loose bolts and nuts causing a water leak and/or, total destruction of the plate itself.
The headstay and backstay are pulling the bow and stern upward, and the conflicting forces on the entire structure are enormous. Ignoring obvious problems puts your life at risk.
For safety and peace of mind, sailboat chainplates require attention and possibly upgrading.
There is no isolation between the back of the AC and DC panels.

Electrical fires or failure? Simply a question of when.

“Throughout the yacht, DC wiring is oversized and installed in such a manner as to make ongoing maintenance exceedingly difficult.

Branch circuits appear to have been wired with no overall plan

No schematic drawings were evident”

Pressure Drop Refit Review. Conducted at Hinckley Yacht facility in Easton, Maryland

The Shore power wiring is not installed with main shore power breaker, was not installed with galvanic isolator, AC and DC was not separated on the panel with a nonconductive barrier and there were exposed AC terminal strips. VERY DANGEROUS
Remote oil pressure senders on the main engine are not secure, they will chafe and could fail.

Jerry Lundquist (McKinsey & Co), Brooks Gordon (W. P. Carey), David Howe (Scout Partners LLC), Hinckley Yacht Services: damaging our social fabric

Our parody reflects how focusing on profit and neglecting craftsmanship can kill your family.  

The same Hinckley Easton employees work on the Talaria and the Bermuda 40.  With so many obvious problems in our boat – you just have to wonder about the safety of those Talaria’s, which is why we include them in our raise awareness review.

Dishonest businesses erode public trust and undermine the foundations of a fair and functioning market economy. They may engage in illegal activities such as fraud, misrepresentation, and corruption, causing harm to consumers, employees, and competitors. This can lead to reduced economic growth and greater income inequality, as well as decreased investment and job opportunities. Additionally, unethical business practices can lead to a decrease in consumer confidence and a general lack of faith in the fairness and integrity of the market system, resulting in negative consequences for society as a whole.  

Not for those under 18 or for people with a phobia of boats, fires or explosions, history of light sensitivity, seizures or epilepsy.

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Surveyor findings: Problems across all systems. No apparent plan.

Hinckley: a historical footnote ?

Sold, resold, resold, resold, resold.  A name from history is all that remains of Hinckley. Businesses that rely solely on their past reputation and neglect to take care of current customers and make technological advancements are likely to struggle and eventually fail.

Jerry Lundquist, did you buy Hinckley Yachts and Hunt Yachts with blood money ?

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A note on failure *

*The definition of failure can vary depending on the context and perspective. Failure can be defined as the inability to meet desired or expected outcomes, goals, or objectives. It can refer to any situation in which an individual or organization falls short of their intended targets or expectations. This can include financial failure, operational failure, strategic failure, or product failure, among others. Failure can result from a variety of factors, such as poor management, lack of resources, insufficient planning, or external factors beyond one’s control. In the case of Hinckley boat company, it appears that their repeated ownership changes and failure to address critical safety issues has resulted in a product failure and potential risk to customers. From my personal viewpoint, the frequent changes in ownership can be considered a series of failures. However, it is important to note that this is just my personal opinion and others may have a different perspective. Independent reviews have also found that the workmanship of the boat did not meet the standards expected for an ocean racing vessel. 

Our review is meant to be a warning; get a marine surveyor involved early in classic yacht restorations and keep them involved.  Photos with explanation can be viewed on Facebook and Instagram.  Make your own decision based on the photos.   

The “Hinckley Death Boat”  is O.N.285366 Capella.   Yawl 12 33 1961